The increased bodily heaviness the observer may experience as one imagines many embryonic versions of themselves stuck to them.

                The production of paraselves (as a result of universe splits) is imagined as a bodily shedding. Some may even experience a sense of relief as para-shelfs might be imagined as glutinously being peeled away from the observer’s body.


                 An obsessive cognizance of one’s universe splitting may lead to a particular God complex where the observer begins to hold themselves accountable to the creation of whole universes.

                An observer stuck in this emotional cycle may congratulate oneself with universe creations even while performing mundane tasks like dancing, clapping, snapping their fingers or touching another quantum entity (all of which are quantum particle interactions which in theory could split the universe).  


                  A strong sense of competition with multiple other versions of oneself which forces an observer to assess the relevance of mono-corporal notions such as “you are your only competition”.



                  A deep self-centered satisfaction that arises from one’s sense of self (ego) spilling beyond one's current branch of the universe.

                    For instance, an observer might ask “Do I own everything I own in other worlds?” considering that one’s para-selfs could potentially possess different things. This might lead to an increased sense of prosperity because one may begin to attribute the collective wealth of all versions of themselves as their ‘own’ wealth.