The recurring guilt one may experience when perusing choices (with varying degrees of detail ranging from the minutiae to life altering) for they imagine the arduous creation of a whole another universe just for their sake.


An observer may begin to hold themselves back from minor actions as they exhaust themselves with complex thoughts of the entire universe splitting just because of them.


                The gall to go on in this universe expecting to ask questions and always have answers. Not having the ability to pronounce something as ‘non-understandable’.

The anger and impatience that comes from ‘not-knowing’ is painful in a world where one can seemingly Google any information they seek, but sadly that's not how universal knowledge works.


                The shift of one's moral compass knowing that there are other para-selves who have chosen to do everything one morally advocates and resents. Feeling the weight of one's choices lighten after knowing that every possible outcome ‘has and will’ occur, even though they might only have the privilege of experiencing consequences of choices in one branch.

An observer may begin to endure only indifference to every choice in life as one may reason that “nothing matters anymore because everything possible outcome occurs.”


                Falling in love with Yourself from another world(s). Maintaining a healthy or toxic relationship with a different version of You.

This may be a result of thinking of para-selfs as separate egos from one's immediate self.